About Tommy Moseley

About Tommy Moseley

Who Is Tommy Moseley

Tommy is a happiness guru with 25+ years studying positive psychology and human behavior both academically and in real world organizations­ bringing a pervasive belief that attitude is the key to success. Specializing in organizational culture and individual lifestyle coaching, his other areas of expertise include sales growth, leadership and team­ building growth process­ both individually and corporately.

A Service Mindset
As a previous Executive Outreach Pastor of a megachurch, Tommy brings a service mindset with expertise in motivating entire groups into action for selfless causes. He developed an entire outreach system that continues to deploy, on average, 3,000 volunteers per month through over 200 volunteer led ministries, essentially mini small businesses, which birthed 19 nonprofit organizations in his tenure. Tommy has experience managing large teams and businesses and serves on the board of local non­profits.

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    In his spare time…

    Tommy has grown his own personal media company to over $3 million per year in revenue and been part of the launch team of several other small businesses.

    Tommy’s most significant role is as a husband and father of three children­ putting them first and teaching them to succeed is his fuel­ teaching them by example that serving others is the path to success.

    An interesting thing
    An interesting thing about Tommy is that he’s a lifelong martial artist. He holds a black belt, and has competed at national level in both Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu­Jitsu – winning the American Nationals IBJJF in 2008.

    He is the founder of Right Cross MMA and continues to serve as a fight chaplain for mixed martial artists. This intensity has proven critical to his ability to help both individuals and organizations break through the next level.

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