Care About This First


February 24, 2020

Hey, what’s crackin everybody! Happiness Pro tip is something you’re going to want to do every single day first thing in the morning before you even get out of bed. And that’s this calibrate your mood. Care about how you feel before you engage in the day whether you call it happiness or success or well-being or satisfaction, whatever word you want to use just know that you got to start with you and you got to start by calibrating your Mood and caring about how you approach the day before you do anything. Nothing absolutely. Nothing is made better by having a s***** attitude. It just never is no matter if it’s good times bad times. Nothing’s ever improved by having a s***** attitude.

So the first thing you got to do is make sure you engage with yourself and lineup or calibrate your mood with what you want to be for the day and there’s tons of techniques you can do that whether it’s appreciation lists or meditation. Line up with, you You can call it the Holy Spirit or call it God. Jesus…higher self or inner being. whatever it is that you’re trying to do before you even start the day calibrate your mood. My biggest challenge is first thing in the morning when it comes to the whole well-being happiness. I’m generally soon as I open my eyes I’m overwhelmed with all that I have to do today or all that I didn’t do the day before so it always takes me a few minutes. Okay. Wait a minute. Let me

me start with some appreciation. Let me start with some of the things I need to do to line up get to a place where I can meditate if I need to but whatever it takes before I engage with anybody I got to make sure I’m the best me that I can be. Or best of my ability to get to that place because I promise you of all the things I do. That’s probably the biggest one if I about if how I feel for this next segment or this next day or whatever it is and I take a deep breath and appreciate even the challenges it changes everything it changes everything right before my eyes. It literally turns s***** days in to great days. So step one every single day. You want to live the good life learn to calibrate your mood