Discipline…Get Some


April 1, 2020

Hey, what’s cracking Everybody? Today’s happiness Pro tip  was taken from a Navy SEAL I follow online, Jocko. I’m not sure if he made this up or if he got it from someone else but it’s absolutely true. Discipline equals Freedom. Did that artwork myself by the way, Discipline equals Freedom.

Now more than ever has that been true. So let that sink in, discipline. If you haven’t built that discipline muscle yet, It’s time to work on it and two particular areas need to be disciplined these days. physical  and mental. You must must must have some discipline and physical these days and I’m talking get up in the morning,  Take a shower, shave, brush, your teeth act Like it’s a regular day.  have the discipline to get ready and then go out and move regardless where you’re at exercise level. Even if you’re just going for a walk get some sunshine do whatever you got to do. Not just lay on the couch and watch Netflix. You have plenty of time to do that later on in the day, but get up get moving do something to get your heart rate going. build that discipline muscle.

This is one of the First things you do every single morning that’s physical and then number two and this is exponentially more important is mental. Now more than ever. You cannot just go with the flow. you just can’t. you’re dead in the water. You’re going to be miserable. So Tomorrows going to come.  this too shall pass you want to be able to look back and say you know what I Grew From This I learned from this because here’s the thing and it’s taken a long time. I discipline myself for a long time to not care what other people think you have  to get to a point where you own your own self.  here’s the deal and I don’t care what you say,  I’m going to enjoy every single freaking moment of my life. No matter what is thrown at me. That’s why I’m just going to try and find a way no matter what so no matter what’s thrown at me I already know.

Hey, here’s my  standards here. I’m going to grow from this. I’m going to find a way to find joy in this I’m gonna do everything I can to help others to be happy whatever that looks like. Every day, but for me,  I realized I’ve done a good job in disciplining myself  mentally. discipline equals Freedom. Okay, get up every morning set your checklist of things that you must get done. I have a checklist of things. I got to get done every single day by noon then if I want to watch Netflix or do nothing since nothing  is open. Well, at  least I know I’ve done my 500 push-ups my set of all whatever it is that I decided to do that day because today Now more than ever you own your life. You have to take control.  discipline equals Freedom. Okay. That’s how you live The Good Life. Hope you guys are doing great out there.