Three things that will Remove Fear


April 1, 2020

Hey, what’s crackin everybody? Happiness pro-tip I got three things for you today that will eliminate fear from your life, and that will increase your happiness, especially during this season right now. It’s up to you to take control of your own mind.

Number one This is non-negotiable,  Stop watching the news. Trust me on this just stop watching. If you’re not willing to do that You’re never going to find any Peace of Mind during this time. So number one stop watching the news.

Number  two  Put these bad boys on all day every day. Just kind of turn them on tune the whole world out. Put something positive in. when I go to the gym,  when I go to the coffee shop because right now everybody wants to talk to you about things that you don’t necessarily want to talk about.

Number three, This is the most important one and some of you haven’t taken the time to learn this and now is as good a time as any you must must must learn to meditate. Okay? You got it. Find a way to slow your minds, become Find a way to slow your minds, became  of you have no idea how to slow your mind down slowly at first at least Define it what meditation is is just letting go of all the thoughts like let’s stop there.  like brakes and if you haven’t developed these and don’t have these now is the perfect time to do it. I personally think you need to go to a class and learn it. I went to a transcendental meditation class. That’s a little bit pricey but it’s a four-day class I think it was like 700 bucks or whatever, But it was when I finally got it is  kind of one of those things where it’s kind of like Jiu-Jitsu or yoga or something.

You can’t always get it from a book. You got to go out and read it but if you don’t have the ability to do that get some books start with like the book called like start with the untethered Soul by Michael Spangler, but you got to find a way you got to realize that all this is has taken 15 minutes. I do it twice a day actually do 20 minutes twice a day, but just find a way to take 15 minutes to slow your mind down and focus on something else whether it’s the air conditioner going on or some people give you a Mantra or whatever it is. If you do this, if you learn to do this, then when the world erupts like that you have the ability to go off into the corner take a couple deep breaths meditate and come back out and just go.

Wow, you know, it’s a really like, it’s really eye-opening to see how out of control most of our minds are. So three things number one cut out the news forever always. You’re welcome that will increase your happiness number two,  Get yourself some of these and just disengage in conversations having anything to with it because I’m telling you right now We’re going to be fine. in case nobody’s told you that you’re going to be fine. We’ve done this before the swine flu the bird flu the duck flew the dog flu Ebola global warming. It’s just those people who… that’s the other thing too. Don’t ever try to convince people not to be scared or not worried. You can’t. I’m looking to give this information to people we actually want I’m not trying to convince you. Not to be scared because I found people who want to be scared. They’ll find something new tomorrow and that’s unarguable. They will give you a million reasons. Why life is bad? So do what you got to do for your sake for your family’s sake to put the brakes on your mind and you know find a way indestructible Joy. You got to find a way to enjoy this life no matter what is thrown at you. God bless. You. Have a great week.