Do it Wrong Do it Strong


April 1, 2020

Hey, what’s crackin everybody  happiness pro tip today is this- be wrong.

Okay, be wrong on purpose. And if you’re going to do it wrong do it strong. I want you to try this today before any words come out of your mouth. Just say to yourself. Maybe I’m wrong. Practice being wrong. The truth is sometimes you’re right. Sometimes you’re wrong be okay being wrong.

Some of you man. You feel like you would rather die than to be wrong. Like you go to the end of the earth to be right and I’m saying man, you look worn out for when you’re right. So get to a point where you’re like, okay, I’m wrong. It really doesn’t matter, it will increase your happiness if you are intentionally okay being wrong, even if you’re on all the time who cares be wrong if you want to be happy.