Do Not Ask Anybody this Question


April 1, 2020

Hey, what’s crackin Everybody?  Happiness pro tip of the day  Is this, there is a phrase you will need to completely eliminate from your vocabulary, at least temporarily,  If you want to have any kind of peace of mind during this time, which is one of the most interesting times to say the least In all of The Human Experience.

The phrase is this, don’t say this to anybody if you want to be happy don’t say, how are you doing? You can’t it’s too risky because people are So loaded and ready to to let go of all their fear, that at the end of the day if you do this all day long You will be miserable. I doesn’t scare me. I’m sorry if that offends you but I can’t be fearful enough to help you with your fear. I can’t be sick enough to help you with your sickness. I can’t be poor enough to help you with your poreness. I just can’t, it does no good for me to worry and be scared about something just because you are.


You know people right now I call them drama zombies are thriving on this  drama. Man they come to life during this. Here’s the thing and watch for it. DramaZombies will get pissed if you’re not as fearful as they are like, it’s literally it’s Politically Incorrect to be okay these days like they will take a defensive and they will come at you even harder. So you cannot under any circumstances walk around and just be like hey, how you doing? How’s it going? You just can’t, and if me not being scared  offends you, then you know what to bad. Keep scrolling because i really really really and I mean this in love, I really don’t want to hear about It.

I don’t want to talk you in to not being scared and stop trying to talk me into being scared. This is going to pass, you know, that’s  the bottom line and I want to live every single moment of my life with purpose. life’s great enjoy it. I’m going to keep doing that,  that hasn’t changed no matter what is thrown at me. So if you want to have some peace of mind you kind of get to a point where you know, and I’m not saying don’t be compassionate if you talk to people you say, Hey good to see you and then keep going about your day. Hey, you look great. And then just keep going. Nothing good will come out of going down to their level and saying please tell me all that you’re scared about it just doesn’t just doesn’t work that way. So anyway, I wish you all the best. I really wish and those of you who insist on being scared great. Go be scared is fine. I’m not saying don’t do that. But those of you that want to take a step back and go wait a minute. Wait a minute life is still good. I’m still going to make the best of my job is still to enjoy every single moment of it. All right, that’s where I’m at. So love you guys.