Happiness and Cops


February 24, 2020

Hey, what’s cracking everbody? Today’s happiness Pro tip is some Advanced black belt level happiness technique and most of you some of you will never be able to do this in your lifetime. But if you truly want to master happiness, here’s something for you to try to do try to get to a point where no matter what someone says to you. It doesn’t affect you. Even if they’re yelling at you become completely unaffected be completely separated. That’s some black belt Nirvana Level happiness right there. I got pulled over yesterday when the arrows red if it’s clear, I always go I have forever. I’ve done it probably 10,000 times and never gotten a ticket but finally did get a ticket. So obviously well worth it. Look at all the hours of my life that it’s saved me.

But anyway, I got to take it. No big deal, you know, it’s just part of life it is give it to someone they paid blah blah blah. It’s just the way life is that stuff doesn’t really bother me at all anymore. But he asked on the addresses. It’s the right address and I said no because I just moved boom. Boom. Boom. Like an idiot. I didn’t lie like I would usually just say Yeah, whatever write the ticket He started scolding me how you know, this is where I’m going to to go if you get end up dead in a car crash to this address and I’m just kind of trying not to smirk and try not to smile. Try not to say I’ll give a f*** where you go if I’m dead. But anyway, I just said okay. Yeah. Okay, great. I’ll fix that. Sorry about that. I mean he referenced death twice, you know he told me your trucks pretty big need to be careful. You can kill someone with this thing. I was like dude he wouldn’t stop yelling at me. Me like really really really trying to get a reaction out of me. And once I realized he was just on a mission to be a dick. He’s a miserable person. And listen. I’ve come to a point in my life. I got some great conferences and not a slam on Cops at all Plenty good cops out. My good friends are cops plenty of dicks out there too. And this kind of definitely dick.

Anyways as he was yelling the more I just realized he’s not going to get under my skin. I don’t care. He’s gonna write me a ticket the worst he can do is waste more of my time. So he was kind of waiting for a response and I was just kind of like Yeah, sorry about that one you know, as realize when I drove away, man. It didn’t affect my happiness even one bit. I actually felt a little bit bad for him because it was like if I had to do it over again, I would be like hey, dude, what can I do to make your day better? Because man, he needed an intervention. Anyway, I just realized man that I’ve gotten to a point where and it’s not all the time. But sometimes people get in my face yelling at me and it’s just like, oh man, it’s all good. I’m not going to let it knock me out. There’s no one out there worth Sacrificing my peace of mind for. so anyway happiness Pro tip. I’ll give you a lesson on how to drive and not how to drive and how to handle those lights in the future but didn’t work out So well. you but didn’t work out So well. next to me. I didn’t bother to look around and see so it’s my own fault for being lazy but happiness protip let people get in your face. Let them say whatever they want and don’t let it get to you at all. That is some Ninja level happiness s*** right there do it.