I Don’t Want To


December 28, 2019
Hey, what’s crackin everybody!
Your happiness pro tip of the day is this… I got some black belt happiness shit to give you today.
I got four words that if you master these four words, it will change your life and increase your happiness. So get your pen and paper and write these four words down
You don’t owe an explanation to anybody about anything you do in your life, and what’s crazy is in this age people expect you to explain yourself. They want to know this or do that or why don’t you do this. Just get good at saying, you know what?
Why didn’t you do it! I didn’t want to do that. I’m not saying be an ass about it, but just get really good at…I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to. Just get good at saying I don’t want to and meaning it and stop doing shit that you don’t want to do. Now if this rubs you the wrong way, you know what good, keep moving, you are who I’m talking to because people don’t like when you just say you don’t want to they’ll call you selfish, which is ironic. They’ll call you selfish for not doing what they selfishly want you to do.
So your happiness Pro tip of the day is get really good at politely and lovingly smiling and just saying, I don’t want to.
That’s how you live The Goodlife.