The Only Thing to do in Times of Crisis


April 1, 2020

Hey, what’s cracking everybody?  Happiness Pro tip today is for any and all of you who believe that we are in a time of Crisis. Okay, there is only one thing that I have found to be 100% effective to increase your happiness and your peace of mind during a time of Crisis. This will work every single time and that’s do this,  Help others. Okay.

Help others forget about…think of other people And their troubles and you will forget about your own. This works 100% of the time. obviously everybody reacts to this differently. You got the group that thinks the disease of the virus is coming to kill us all and you got the group that says the government’s coming to take our guns and control us all and you got the small businesses panicking because half of them aren’t going to survive or  the uncertainty.

Every single one of us got punched in the gut with fear in one way or another…every one of us. There’s no way this didn’t impact every single human being that’s what’s fascinating about this, watching the different reactions, but we all got punched in the gut  and that’s okay. That’s an indicator. It’s okay to be scared, but it’s not okay to live there. Okay, you can get scared. Yeah. It’s an indicator and  then move on. What do you do to get out of that? Okay, you help others because here’s the thing  You got to realize is this, You got to get this you got to get this one,  I’m about to tell you okay? It’s okay to be scared. It’s not okay to live there.

Well, the news,  the media and the government they want you to live there. Okay, everyone has a product to sell in the news This product is uncertainty. So this is like their time to shine. They want you to live there and keep your eyes on them. You cannot if you haven’t got that yet and you’re still sitting back watching the news all day every day turn the channel because there is no hope for you to be happy during this time. You’ll be happy as soon as they decide you can be happy again, but if you want to make the best of this a once in a lifetime Situation two words baby-help others. Okay, you got to figure out what that looks like for you what sometimes is  an encouraging word, you know, I don’t have a cookie cutter plan for it. But you know it is maybe it’s helping your small business. Maybe its doing business with small businesses. words of encouragement. Maybe just not talking about this to every freakin person run in to. help others take your mind off plenty of people are scared and need help right now.  just say hey, smile at them and  Say hello say, how can I help and you will increase your happiness during this time of Crisis. That’s how.