Nutritional Nutz


November 5, 2019

What’s crackin everybody!?

Happiness Pro tip of the day Is this, spend zero seconds of your life caring what another person eats, period.

I’m doing this 40-day plant-based only diet. I’m from Nebraska. I don’t know that I’ve ever even gone two weeks without a steak, but I watched the “Game Changers” on Netflix and thought you know what I’ll give that a try it sounds fun.

But what’s funny is when I throw it out there people get so fired up and borderline like pissed. One guy was like what do you do about your B 12 how you gonna handle that? I was just like dude. Why do you care what I do about my B12 and it just made me realize man it’s just another one of those areas people have food issues and want to create piles.

I’m this paleo pile. I’m in this pile. Nutritionists most of you are nuts not all of you, but it’s the same thing. Its almost becomes like religion. The Happiness Pro tip today is do what you want eat what you want. Spin zero time caring what other people do. Your health and your wellness Is your responsibility.

Everybody’s different, you know, try some new stuff. Don’t just listen to you what these passionate nut jobs say about what you’re supposed to eat what and what you’re not supposed to eat. Chances are after 40 days, unless I’m physically flying, and feel so good that I only sleep one hour a week and have 100% Optimus energy. I’ll probably go back to eating meat.

I mean that’s what I will do on Day 41 I will have a filet but I also will say this do the research for yourself because I just had my blood checked and my body fat is 16.9% I’m not doing this to lower my body fat, but I am going to see if it moves the needle. I’m going to see what my blood looks like afterwards instead of just listening to all these weirdos say whatever they’re going to say this that and the other I’m doing my own research.

Just encouraging you. If you want to be happy spend zero time, those of you that are passionate about whether other people eat stop it. There’s no happiness in trying to force the world on your nutrition plan or your religious plan or your political, ethical plan or your anything plan. Just let people be. Let them do what they do. And if you want to be happy go out and do your own research do your own things and learn what it is that makes your life better. Or not do whatever you want. I don’t care if you follow my advice.