Cutting Edge Technique


November 5, 2019

Happiness Pro-Tip today is something brand new.

You’ve never heard of it before.

It’s this word.

It’s called…get ready to write this down.

One word


Okay, maybe it’s not brand new. But you know what there really isn’t anything better. It is the one word that if you master you will master life and when I say appreciate I mean go through today and find a thousand things you appreciate and talk about it.

Appreciate the road. Appreciate the traffic on the roads because the roads are so clear. I didn’t build any of these roads. I pay for them with my taxes, but I get to drive on them. This car that was built. This life. The earth is spinning perfectly. My heart beat all night long and I didn’t have to do anything about it.

My word used to be grateful, but for whatever reason and I don’t know if this will make sense but gratitude & grateful always have kind of a like looking back…”like glad I’m here instead of there”..for me. Anyway, maybe it’s just me.

So I started liking the word appreciate more because it’s everything looking forward. So that is Your word today and there’s no secret word, but the secret is getting used to doing it all day every single day. And what’s crazy is you spin yourself sometimes into so much appreciation in such a cloud that you look around and you’re like, why is everyone else not thrilled to be here?

Work on it all day every single day. You don’t have to have any new tactics. There is an art and science to happiness. The art, of course, that’s individual. The science though you have to have before you have the art. You got to do things like you ain’t gettin’ it no more. That’s just the truth. That’s not my opinion.

So learn to appreciate every single thing.

Just dropped all three of my kids off at school. All three of them healthy, happy, and I gave them a hug and a kiss and and all morning all I did was tell them how much I appreciate them because I won’t see them tonight. Appreciate appreciate appreciate! Get out in front of it. Don’t just don’t just wait till your miserable. Just start your day waking up. Okay, what do I appreciate? It’s not about writing down a list or anything I’m talking all day every day. I appreciate…you see people say I appreciate you. Even the people that are irritating appreciate them because they’re teaching you. You’re learning. This whole thing is set out to be fun. This whole life is here for us. Enjoy. You’ll never talk me off that. I don’t want to argue that. How do I best enjoy this amazing blessing of life that is given to me in one word? It boils down to learn to get great at appreciating become a black belt in appreciation.