Your Dog Mind


October 4, 2019

Hey, what’s cracking everybody Happiness Pro tip of the day is brought to you by Lyla the French Bulldog.

Lyla is probably one of the coolest dogs that I’ve ever had. But here is how Lyla is just like your mind. Lyla is a puppy. She’s like six months old and what Lyla likes to do is Lyla likes to chew shit. Anything that’s on the floor Lyla likes to chew, so I know she likes to chew shit.

So my job as someone supposedly smarter than her is to make sure that the shit on the floor is stuff that she can chew stuff that’s not like my Bose headphones. Stuff like toys and Chewy’s because here’s the thing. Here’s where the dog is like your mind. Lyla is going to chew, your mind is going to chew. What your job is as the overseer of your mind is give your mind some good shit to chew. So I put all kinds of stuff on the floor like these kind of things these nasty ass the fuck Lyla nasty-ass things that she likes to chew because I don’t want her chewing my stuff.

So in your life the world, your floor is full of crap. The entire world is going to put stuff all over your floor for your mind to chew, your job is to put some good shit in your mind every day and that means reading books or listening to audibles or being around inspiring people watching inspiring TV turning off the media turning off whoever you have to turn off. Sometimes It’s your relatives your friends, whatever, but you got to put good shit on your floor for your mind to chew. Otherwise, it will chew the bad shit.

That is how you live The Good Life.