Veganism is for Weenies


February 24, 2020

What’s crackin everybody, got your happiness technique of the day-And that is this-be an omnivore.

Omnivore means you eat meat and vegetables. I tried for 40 days being a vagan meaning nothing but plant-based food. No eggs, no milk, dairy cheese. Nothing. No fish. Hundred percent vegan and I call it vagan because vegans hate when I call it vagan and that’s the only reason that I call it that.

Here’s what I learned-number one- Vegans can be just as much nuts as religious people. So there’s some vagan nuts out there. Here’s a big thing though.-No change whatsoever after 40 days. And this is someone who took blood before and blood after. Absolutely no impact on my cholesterol. My cholesterol is not too high, but it’s a little bit high. but it virtually stayed the same. No change on any of the blood work.

Here’s what did change though, I went up about a half percentage because I did a body Comp test to-half percentage of Body fat and I lost almost a pound of Lean muscle mass. You say not enough protein blah blah blah. Nothing changed. My macros stayed all exactly the same. In other words. I took the exact same exact 200 grams of protein per day. Same exact thing as I did for me.

Here’s the big thing. Here’s the big change-biggest change of all strength went down significantly. Now I’m saying my results would happen to me. Ifyou want to be vagan Than great. I’m just saying take me off of your list of people to preach through because I think it’s all b*******.