Zero Happiness in Forcing Others to Agree with You


April 1, 2020

Hey, what’s crackin Everybody?  Happiness Pro tip of the day is particularly for social media. Okay, this is hands down one of the most interesting times ever. In my lifetime. This is a great time to watch people, to watch  behavior, remind you this too shall pass and tomorrow is going to come and you’ll get to look back and say how did I handle that? So in particular social media a lot of you need to hear this, is that as you’re going through social media because we all are at home or on social media watching everybody’s Reaction.

Here’s what you do, you go through you see something you like you click like. You see something you agree with you agree and  encourage. Here’s what you don’t do. You don’t need to let people know when you disagree. I don’t know where we got this mindset that we think someone’s asking if we disagree. Its different if they’re asking a question. Most people are not, there posting their thoughts and we feel like we have to  agree with me. I can promise you trying to get people to think like you will not make you happy. Okay, I spent 12 years working for an evangelist Church where our whole Focus was letting the whole world know that they’re wrong and we’re right and there’s no happiness at the end of that trail. Now I notice in a lot of you on social media you feel like if you don’t agree you have to let them know in particular,  the people who panic, like  really if you don’t panic at the same level that they panic in this day and age people get pissed they get offended. They literally legit are going to try to force you to panic so you got to do your part to just  say Okay. Let them do let them be whatever they want to be. I don’t have to agree.

I don’t have  to change their mind just  keep rolling don’t engage with people who disagree with you right now, unless you enjoy it which most of us don’t because I can tell by the nastiness that some of you spew you got to realize everyone’s going to handle this differently. We’re all different your way is much as you think it is not right my way as much as I think it is, it’s not right. It’s just my way so I kind of realized yesterday as I just people watched  man if you’re not if you’re not panicking people are just on you I even take a step back.  just go wait a minute. I’m engaged  In too much of this nonsense.

So here’s what you do if some of you cannot get this. So I want to encourage you, you know, if you want to be a pessimist and you want to think it’s Doom and Gloom and panic great find other people that are panicking. Okay, like their stuff agree with their stuff have a big Panic party create a blog create together do the whole thing. Just go and go and go but if someone’s not you don’t have to try to get them to agree with you.

So again at the end of the day you want to look back you want to say I handled that Well, I increased my happiness because everything is given to us For a reason, everything. this is got a lesson in it. It’s lessons upon  lessons on lessons. Like I said, one of my favorite times ever to watch people has been right now. So happiness Pro tip you want to increase your happiness. Look for people you agree with and Vibe with click like. Yes, keep going and if you don’t agree, here’s what you do pay attention to some if you don’t agree with something you see you just keep f****** scrolling move on get a life. Okay, you’re not going to make anyone else happy. You’re not going to make anyone  Sad. you’re going to frustrate yourself trying to make the world agree.

There’s no happiness in trying to force the world to agree with you. So do what you got to do be on social media. Have fun. Look for people you agree with and for God’s sake if you don’t agree just keep moving. Okay, nobody cares and please stop telling everyone what an expert you are if I had a nickel for every single person that told me that they were experts and I need to educate myself and blah blah blah. I would be a bazillionaire  And I don’t get paid for that. I have to read that nonsense. Anyway, I hope that you and yours are having a great time. Remember, there’s tons of great Life Lessons Learn just take a step back. No better time than right now to watch people. Okay, and if just in  case nobody’s told you this, this  too shall pass.

Okay tomorrow will come so do your best to keep finding Focus stuff to positive stuff folks do your best to be encouraging I got a crazy idea for some of you try and say something that encourages people, you know, what blows me Away, is that some of you think it’s your job, your right m, your responsibility to share bad news? Okay, unless you work for CNN or Fox. Nobody asked you like think about everything. Why do you think you need to be the bearer of bad news? And I know you justify it with all I’m just trying to have people be educated no, you’re not you’re trying Other people panic and you’re trying to make other people panic so stop it. Okay. Do better next time. That’s how you live The Good Life.